Defence Guide Coaching


Our goal is to provide all kind of help required for a candidate to prepare him for ISSB examination and to make him a better future officer. We always try to remove the weakness of a candidates and to improve his analytical ability and better personality for ISSB exam. We always focus on every individual candidate willing to joining Bangladesh armed force and make him eligible to pass ISSB examination.

Our instructors are highly skilled and former ISSB examiner. They have been involved with ISSB examination for long years. Their advice helps students to find out their faults and to improve accordingly. After attending our tests conducting by former ISSB examiners a candidate recovers from the great fear of ISSB examination and do well in actual ISSB examination.

Defenece Guide Coaching Technique

  • Defence Guide is the only established coaching center in Bangladesh where former examiner of ISSB test trains up students directly. So, the training and advice given by them is important for any candidate.
  • The main purpose of Defence Guide is to provide a clear concept about ISSB to reduce the fear about ISSB examination. On the other hand, many defence coaching center creates fear among candidates about ISSB, as a result, candidates get nervous in ISSB examination and do mistakes which lead them to disqualify.
  • The principal instructor of Defence Guide Comodor(retrd.) Gulzar Hossain had been working with selection interview for a long time. He emphasizes on self development of a candidate and advises him to remove the weak points and the mistakes a candidate himself makes. Open discussions on recent affairs is guided by an a dept moderator and participation of all candidates are ensured. Moreover, everyone has to take part in discussion of editorial reports of daily newspapers in English.
  • All most all candidates are afraid of ISSB and some institutions takes advantages of this. But most of them uses some old IQ sheets and techniques to teach students whereas the students needs some books that could match the need of current world. On the other hand, Defence Guide provides with a IQ Guide just after a students get admitted into their coaching center. IQ's are regularly exercised. Defence Guide feels that to force students to memorizing IQ's questionnaires is an obsolete idea. We try to improve the IQ by exercising and discussing the IQ questionnaires.
  • Defence guide is the only coaching center which provides lecture sheet of every course to its students. Most other defence coaching center copies those and uses them by only changing the monogram.
  • No defence coaching center of Bangladesh solves the 'PLANNING Technique' models. Models in the defence guide are open for all. We change, moderate them frequently and represent to the student. As a result memorizing attitude among students gets reduced and creativity among students gets enhanced.
  • The former Chief Psychologist of ISSB, colonel (retrd.) Md. Rafiqul Islam acts as an counselor for Defence Guide students which is very essential for them.
  • In Other coaching centers, students take viva of each others which creates a huge drawback amongst students. No one but only the former deputy president of ISSB Comodor (retrd.) Gulzar Hossain is conducting the viva examination for defence guide coaching center. This helps the student to experience the environment of actual ISSB viva.